MAECON brings together a unique multidisciplinary group of highly cited academic experts’.

Pharmaceutical industry

For medication to be optimally used and patients experiencing maximum clinical effects, proper medication adherence is essential. MAECON has wide experience with pharmacoepidemiological studies, together with designing and assessing medication adherence intervention programs and tools for a wide range of drugs, clinical indications and administration routes. We can assess medication adherence and real-world outcomes with a variety of methods, offer adherence advise tailored to the medication, design personalized interventions and assess its clinical and/or economic benefits in clinical trials.

Services offered include:

Our clients: Pharmaceutical industry clients we have worked with include AstraZeneca (Sweden), Chiesi (Italy), GlaxoSmithKline (United Kingdom), Novartis (Switzerland), Pfizer (USA), Teva (Israel) and Vertex (USA).

Our projects: The pharmaceutical industry projects we have worked on include an adherence toolkit for asthma/COPD patients using inhaled medication, a randomized clinical trial of a novel digital inhaler in primary care, an adherence improvement strategy report for patients using growth hormones, educational webinars and workshops on medication adherence for healthcare professionals, the design and set-up of a real-world registry study for digital inhalers and the assessment of budget impact and cost-effectiveness of a digital inhaler.

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