MAECON brings together a unique multidisciplinary group of highly cited academic experts’.


Medical devices can support patients with medication monitoring and adherence. These include drug-device combinations, electronic add-ons to regular drug packaging, smartphone apps, web platforms and other digital technologies. For optimal implementation of these devices, usability and clinical evidence of safety and benefits is essential and is often required for regulatory approval or reimbursement. MAECON has experience with performing such studies in both primary care (general practices, community pharmacy, nursing homes) as well as secondary care (academic and peripheral hospitals).

Services offered include:

Our clients: MedTech clients we have worked with include Aardex (Belgium), Elucid mHealth/Pill Connect (United Kingdom) and Trudell Medical (Canada).

Our projects: The MedTech projects we have worked on include digital spacers, smart pill bottles and digital blisters.

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