Chairing the European Network to Advance Best practices and Technology on Medication Adherence (ENABLE)

In 2020, MAECON was awarded a 4-year grant from the European Commission to set up and chair a COST Action on medication adherence. This European Network to Advance Best practices and Technology on Medication Adherence (ENABLE) currently involves a network of 40 countries across Europe. ENABLE aims to 1) raise awareness of adherence enhancing solutions, 2) foster and extend multidisciplinary knowledge on medication adherence at patient, treatment and system levels, 3) accelerate translation of this knowledge from producers to useful clinical application and 4) work collaboratively towards economically viable policy and implementation of adherence enhancing technology across different European healthcare systems. Research focuses on cross-country comparisons of best practices regarding medication adherence management, identification and assessment of novel technologies and exploration of implementation and reimbursement pathways of adherence enhancing technologies. Outreach activities include the organization of international stakeholder meetings, conferences and symposia, training schools and a fellowship program.

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Funding: COST Action CA19132 “ENABLE,” supported by the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)

Link to publications:
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